Are there any collectors in Lander WY

Are there any cartridge collectors in Lander WY? I’m visiting till this Saturday and there is a delivered package waiting at the front desk at the Lander Inn with a O-RMD sticker on it waiting for the recipient. Id love to shake your hand and talk cartridges.

Probably not collector ammo, but rather someone there on a hunting trip. Perhaps shooting up a bunch of .58 Schubarth or some other oddball ammo, not realizing it is collectible.

I bet the desk would pass a long a message to the recipient to contact you if you wanted to chat a bit.

Lander is a really pretty town, there in the “land of the Kickin’ horse.” Lots of open spaces too, with Lander being the only stop light between Riverton (25 miles north) and Farson, 75 miles west). Real cowboys, and real Indians (and an Indian casino). Got to be some good old cartridges around somewhere.

I did leave a note with my name, phoneً and room number, departure date (Saturday) and that i am a collector. Front desk said the guest was a long term guest. Not sure what that means. Figured it was worth askinging.

Im here for work. I drive a charter bus and i have a group traveling to sixth crossing and Martins Cove. They are out of Utah. The last hours drive was pretty, but the rest was very dreary.

ORMD doesn’t necessarily mean the box contains ammunition, let alone collector cartridges. I think glues, paints, hair spray, and lots of other combustibles fit the category.

That’s true. All manner of things are classified ORM-D. The package sticker should ID what is inside, however, at least according to the ones I used to use.

There are several different ORM-D stickers. They will usually identify the item in detail, such as Cartridges, Small Arms, but there some that are generic. It’s also permitted to simply draw the sticker with a black pen.

As I remember, the ORM-D stickers were supposed to be discontinued in 2008 or 2009. But the date kept being extended and I understand it is now 2020. Most UPS hubs still use them but some do not.