Are there any records of WW1 French 25mm flare case manufacturers?

I found two fired WW1 25mm French brass flare cases at a market here in the UK earlier this year.

One is completely unmarked, while the other has a headstamp that looks to be “Sc” at 9 O’Clock. The second letter may not be a lower case c as it is poorly stamped.

I have read that these cases were made from a lathe turned base screwed into a length of brass tube. This was so that they could be made in small workshops. As they were low pressure flare cases, this method of case manufacture was sufficient.

Are there any records of which factories the manufacturer’s markings related to?

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You might try looking here: Show your flare gun ammunition -Flare Gun Forum


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The flare book by Horst Thielborger on 25-28mm flares is a must have reference on Flares.
Here is a reference to French flare makers.


Thanks for the replies.

As far as I can tell, none of the markings shown match it exactly, but it is an incomplete stamp.