Are these military 00 buckshot boxes? (seem so on internet)

SS1 ![SS2|420x315]


'a local auction house (mostly typical household items) have this lot of 4 boxes up for auction.

I would buy (if “right”) to bring to SLICS and barter if they are military issue.

I’m guessing the lot will settle for about $25 range

PS…I guess I should have “Googled”…sure appears “military”

They are all over the internet all seemingly listed under $10/box

I saw something similar if not the same for sale at Walmart.

Typical Production for LE and Military use for Off-the-shelf
Sales both in USA and for export. Not an official DoD procurement.
Occasionally show up on the US sporting market due to production over-runs.
Same happens for many other
(Military) calibres.


$4.95 a box
$219 a case

I won’t bid on the items :)