Are these the Same?

I have a bit of a mystery here.

The top cartridge in pic 1 has no headstamp, a lead bullet and a small copper primer (see pic 2). It has measurements:
Rim 9.44mm, Head 8.02mm, case length 39.44mm, mouth 7.93mm, and bullet dia 7.54mm.

The bottom cartridge is headstamped .300 KYNOCH with a FMJ Bullet and small copper primer. Its measurements are:
Rim 9.33mm, Head 8.08mm, case length 39.25mm, mouth 8.08mm, and bullet dia 7.60mm.

Are these the same? Does anyone know who may have made the unheadstamped cartridge?


They both appear to be 300 Sherwood cartridges

There is a fair chance it was Belgian made, if that’s correct it would probably have been made for the mail order market. Don’t be put off by the variation in non critical dimensions, there wasn’t an industry set of standards to adhere to in those days. As long as it went in the gun and the gun went bang everybody was happy.

There is another consideration, the Sherwood name was trademarked to Westley Richards so copycat ammo was often just designated .300 or .300 extra long to avoid the trademark and that might also explain the lack of a headstamp