Argentine 12.7x99 box


I never saw .50cal packaged in a small box of 20, mostly I see them in crates of 100’s. Is this something unusual? Is this military ammo packaged for civilian retail?


Vlad, do you mean only Argentine boxes?


The Argentine .50 ammo currently on the market in the US (your illustration), was originally military issue, like much of the imported/foreign .50 ammo that appears on the US market from time to time.

20 is a bit much for a cardboard box with the weight fo the .50 BMG cartridge, but it’s been done before, some Igman .50 ammo came that way. Usually 10 rounds is the norm for cardboard boxes in .50 caliber, military or civilian.

The .50 ammo linked for MG usually comes in the metal cans, again due to the cartridge’s weight, but there are many known exceptions to this.

Keith Pagel
FCSA / VHP Magazine


I mean any boxes, I only see them in crates. True, I don’t really collect them and probably just don’t pay enough attention to how they are packed.


Good to know. So far I have seen 10rd boxes from US manufacture and also British ones.

Here a 10rd sniper pack as advertised by ANTHENA on the Eurosatory in 2006:


And here a US box for dummy cartridges:


[quote=“sksvlad”]Is this military ammo packaged for civilian retain?

Just noticed that the question remained open. Since the box says “AP” it is unlikely to be for civilian purposes.


Thanks, I meant to write “retail”, was typing while running out with my son in a hurry. Well, it was sold openly to anyone at that shop.



That’s an interesting box. The only .50 BMG boxes I’ve seen were 10 rd. that I can recall. This one I have is like EOD’s, only different…

I wouldn’t think that boxed .50 cal. ball, AP etc. were very common unless it was to provide a unit of rounds for a linking process or something like that.

Does anyone know if the Argentine box is as issued or re-packed for commercial sale?


Is that a different material used for the bearing area on those ANTHENA products you show?



Dave, I am not sure if I understood all 100% of what you asked - my English sucks - but the container is made of plastic. Was that what you wanted to know?


I saw a similar black plastic box to EOD’s at the same shop, unfortunately I was able to buy only one cartridge.


I have the box



Your English is just fine. I didn’t ask the question clearly!

I was curious about the projectiles that have a two-toned grey color and wondered if the portion that contacts the rifling is a different material or coating of some sort.



[quote=“EOD”]And here a US box for dummy cartridges:


Box like this came with the US lend-lease agreements with Spain in the 50’s. These dummy rounds last forever -you know, they are not considered real ammo so are not expendable, and you must keep account of every one of them. So the troops this ammo (and any dummy ammo) is issued to, prefers to leave it alone. Sad, but true. For example, 20 x 128 Oerlikon factory dummy rounds were sold as scrap when the gun system became obsolete; the cartridges had never been been touched. And the units armourers made their own drill rounds from fired cases, no paperwork at all being necessary if some of them broke down.


Dave, thanks for clarifying.

The ANTHENA design is a base cup with a steel core which makes up the rest of the projectile. The whole thing is galvanized and has some varying diameters, probably to reduce friction forces inside the barrel. I think the dual tone you see on the image is from light reflection on differently angled surfaces and probably even slighthly “worn off” surface which changes the appearance a bit when it gets handled or kept loosely during transport where the recessed parts get less contact to other materials and look “untouched” then resulting in slightly different surfaces.


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Thanks for that…

I found this full box 12,7 Barrett at the last SLICS…
And at the last Big Sandy shoot in Arizona I have shoot the 12,7 Mc Millan !!!
Great Great Great Great…

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