Argentine 20 mm Oerlikon Projectiles

A small board made by a local collector showing three types of factory sectioned 20 mm Oerlikon projectiles made in Switzerland for Argentina in 1937-38.

They did a nice job on the sectioning!


Great images, thank you for sharing!

Hi Fede
Are the colors correct for Argentine 20 mm Oe of that time?
I remember a Swiss drawing of the red ones, but with blue body and black band.

Hi Mathias, yes, these are correct, as the colors used in the Swiss Oerlikon drawings were not followed by Argentina. For example:

AP HE-T = Blue band + pointed tip (Swiss) vs. Green (Argentine)

HE SD* = Blue band (Swiss) vs. Yellow (Argentine)

HE-T SD = Black band (Swiss) vs. Red (Argentine)

Practice Tracer = Green band (Swiss) vs. Black (Argentine)

*It also has a small tracer element but this is not part of the Swiss designation.



Hi Fede

Thanks a lot for the clarification.