Argentine 20x138B dummy

Pictures of the only know specimen of a 20x138B Rheinmetall dummy made in or for Argentina. No markings at all.

A W E S O M E !!!

Must be one of the rarest 20x138B around.

How do you go about identifying something without markings? I am not questioning your identification conclusion, I am interested in the process of IDing something without markings. I have a lot of various ammo without markings. I’d like to know how to go through identification process. Congrats on this cartridge, by the way!!!

Vlad, your question is absolutely valid and there is no much of an identification process here. This dummy belonged to a coast guard officer who provided most of the Argentine 20x138B variations I know of. The Argentine Navy bought specially marked contracts of this round and no foreign variations had ever showed up here, so I’m assuming it must be locally or contract made. The local standard for a dummy cartridge was a nickeled case.

Fede, is that case a drawn one or lathe turned? Maybe the weight is a clue?

Alex, I don’t have a scale with me right now but the case is a drawn one. The belt is also noticeable irregular and thin (5.75 mm).

Federico, do you mean the belt of the case or the driving band (which looks like having a reduced diameter)?

I mean the belt of the case.

Alex, total weight is 267.16 g (as a reference an Argentine contract primed empty case weighs 145.66 g).

Fede, thank you for the weight! Good to have for the files.