Argentine .223 Remington Pressure Test Cartridges

Argentine .223 Remington pressure test cartridges used during the FAA 81/FARA 83 assault rifle development:

First one is G B 223 ( CIS,1972); the locating cutout for an AV Link pressure test barrel set up is obvious to locate the Case body orifice opposite the Piezoelectric pressure gauge.; ( Date could be HB (1982) but by this time, the cal. mark would have been “5,56”, and NOT .223)
Other cases are obvious from their visible headstamps; the lower three look as if they have been “gashed” in Argentina ( rough grinding) whilst the clean lines of the Singaporean case looks as if it was supplied by CIS already Loaded and slotted as a pressure test cartridge…Maybe to calibrate the Piezoelectric transducer and thus the Computer Program which goes with it.
The other 3 cases look like locally made “Load tests” for Powder charge development.

Nice examples, rarely seen.

BTW, AV Link, of Graz, Austria, is no longer in business. They also made (Besides Ordnance Pressure Test apparatus) , Internal Combustion Engine Test Equipment, especially for Mercedes-Benz ( they had a joint laboratory at the Factory in Graz, back in 1993 when I visited them…all “top secret”.).

AT the time (1990s) many Ammo factories around the world used AV Link Equipment for pressure testing Ammo. ( S&B, Poongsan, ADI Australia). I saw the S&B equipment in operation…they used Old Vz24 Mauser actions,with heavy Mann Barrels set in Vee Blocks, for both Pressure testing and Accuracy
checks ( Visit to S&B, 1993). Most “keys-in-hand” purchases used a Universal Receiver set up, with interchangeable barrels. The Machined Notch system is a sign of AV Link Receiver use, as well as the later Kistler equipment.

I think their competitor, Kistler, has basically taken over the world market for PE transducer equipment for pressure testing.

Interesting side-line in cartridge collecting.
Doc AV

Doc AV, thanks for your comments. The Singapore cartridge was headstamped GC B 223 (1973) and probably prepared at FMSF. The last three were modified at FLB.

Fede, oustanding !!!, keep posting more stuff on the argentine 5,56 x 45.