Argentine 25.4x189 Vickers-Armstrong

This is an ultra rare Argentine 25.4x189 Vickers-Armstrong with a primer designated “Portacebo a Percusión Mark 21 Mod. 0” made in 1957 at “Arsenal de Artillería de Marina de Zárate” (A.A.M.Z.). Note it is also marked “AR” for “Armada Argentina”.


Outstanding as usual! Is there a side view we may get to see too?

Picture added. The polishing and added lacquer was typical of AAMZ refurbished cases.

Fede, as you may recall (you are credited in it!) there’s an article on this gun and ammo on my website (see pic from it below):

Do you yet know why ammo for these guns was still being assembled in 1957 when they were removed from La Argentina in 1949? Were they transferred to other ships, or to ground mountings?

I really need to update this article as after it was written I was sent a pdf of a 1938 Vickers manual on this gun (in Spanish) by yourself or one of your friends in A.A.C.A.M… This confirms that the rate of fire was 200 rpm.

Vickers 25mm

Federico, thanks!

Tony, it was reported that these guns were tested at AAMZ to be later transferred to other ships (probably coast guard) but a deadly accident happened caused by prematured detonation of the projectiles and they were not longer considered for future service.

Thanks Fede!

This is the AEAT explosive loading as shown in Tony’s website:

That’s a nice one, Fede. I’ve not seen an HE round “in the metal”, only in photographs.

Tony, these are pictures of the defective case who provoked a deadly accident and finally put to rest the 25.4 mm Vickers AA gun. It ocurred in 1959 when it was tested aboard the “República”, a Canadian made corvette (originally USN Tact (PG-98 and later HMS Smilax). It seems that the casualty was caused by the broken pieces of the gun itself and not by premature detonation of the projectile.

This picture show some cases tested at Zárate after the accident. The base of the middle one is marked “ROTA” (broken).


Ouch - very nasty!

The case rupture near the base looks as if the breechblock was not locked when the gun fired.

Incidentally, as I mentioned on another thread I have just updated my article on the Vickers 25.4mm guns and ammunition: