Argentine 26 mm Flare

Although not especially rare in Argentina, I thought it may be interesting to others. This is a 26 mm red flare made by Laboratorios Giorgi y Cía. in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Headstamp reads SEÑALES GIORGI CAL. 26.

Great info!
Do you happen to know the exact case length?
And do other loads exist of this design?

Alex, this case measures c. 83 mm and was made in several more variations but at this moment I only have taken pictures of this one. I will post a picture of the box tomorrow.

This company is better known for a local manufacture of some US practice bombs, like the US AN-Mk 23 Mod 1, and also a copy of the Mk 4 Mod 3 signal cartridge having a case measuring 131 mm.

Fede, is the 83mm really the case or is it basically a short case with a long protruding projectile section?
Means what would be the length of a fired case then - still 83mm?

Alex, the lower section of the cartridge looks like a short case but it is in fact a 24 mm bushing that also partially covers the edge of the rim. Also, as seen in the picture, between this and the case body there is second bushing. I have seen fired cases and all components remain firmly secured. I can speculate, but to be honest I don’t know why they chose this particular construction.

Yes, the construction lead me to this thought. There are some 26.5/cal.4 which have teh system I described above.

So the one here remains as a fired 83mm case correct?

Here is the box of the green single star loading: