Argentine .30-06 box!

This is the elusive Argentine .30-06 box unknown up to recent years. Both sides show a cancelled writing reading: “ESTOS TIROS DEBEN UTILIZARSE CON CARGADORES NUEVOS”, which means “These rounds should be used with new clips”. It is understood that this was a box made in the 1950’s for M1 Garand rifles loaded with “new clips” (to differentiate them from old Mauser clips) which was re-used in the 1970’s. All known boxes so far have a cancelled writing and were filled with FMK 1 Mod 0 rounds headstamped “F.L.B.” - 73 - 7,62 x 63 -, which was the latest production made for machine guns.

Fede, what a superb box !!
Any chance of postign (or sending me) a picture where the text is more readable.
How many cartridges fit into the box.


Let me take a wild guess-- EIGHT!


René, this is a 15 round box.

By the way, there is a English word to properly name this type of open top carton?

Cardboard sleeves? I find them mostly i bandoleers, but 1 lot of the israeli 5,56mm the danish army bought some years ago, also came in sleeves in this fashion.

Soren, thanks!

Some 5.56mm frangible ammunition on 10 rd clips from Winchester was also packed in similar cardboard sleeves - as I remember, two 10 rd clips per sleeve, maybe three. I have one of these sleeves somewhere, will post if I find a picture of it.

In the U.S., those little cardboard containers for clips of ammunition are called cartons. The same name that is used for the 20-round cardboard containers.


Excellent find Fede !!!.