Argentine 40x158R Vickers-Armstrong (2 Pdr)

A couple of rare British contract 40x158R Vickers-Armstrong (2 Pdr) rounds used by the Argentine Navy. The case with the red painted shell was reloaded using a primer designated Portacebo a Percusión Mark 21 Mod. 0 made in 1957 at the Arsenal de Artillería de Marina de Zárate (A.A.M.Z.). Both are target practice loadings, one with the original British shell and the other one with the Argentine type painted red.



Fede, thanks a lot for this posting and images!

Both hs shown here are the same. Did you intend to show 2 different ones maybe?

Alex, you are welcome. I was fixing the headstamp image just a minute before your post. If it doesn’t work press F5 and the image will be updated. Regards, Fede.

It is perfect now, thanks for fixing it!