Argentine 45 ACP snap cap

Hello everyone

This is a rare 45 ACP snap cap.

Maybe Fede can provide some data



Nice Item! Thanks for posting it. I have a fair collection of Argentine .45 dummies, a bit over 40, including an all-steel inspecitor’s dummy, and I don’t collect them by simply date; that is, I don’t save every date. There has to be some other feature that is different. Years ago, I heavily research Argentine pistol ammo for an article I wrote on it, but until now, I have never seen or even heard of this one! I assume like the previous 7.65 Mauser rounds that it has a spring loaded primer cup.

Hope Fede can give us some history on these.

Sergio, as you said, these are rare. Years ago, I had the opportunity to examine thousands of dummies that were found in an Army arsenal and many rare headstamps showed up, including C W 45 27, FN, CB, RWS, SFM, and those made from 7.65x54 Mauser cases as old as 1895(!), but could not find any of these spring loaded dummies. The ones I know were found as singles in a few collections, and the commonest headstmp seems to be REM-UMC 45 ACP.

Sorry, I have no idea who made them or for what purpose.

Un saludo grande,


Hello John, as you said, the cartridge has a spring loaded primer cup.

Fede, the cartridge is from a collection that was in the city of Mar del Plata, I guess maybe it was used by the Navy; I feel I have more data.