Argentine .56 Merrill’s Patent Carbine Packet

This box contained 10 paper cased cartridges for the .56 Merrill’s Patent Carbine, which was one of several breech-loading percussion systems in service in the Argentine army before the Remington Rolling Block was standardized.

Not a single round was in complete condition, just bullets with remnants of paper attached. The label was pasted by a French gunsmith named Adolphe Bertonnet, who first worked for the army and later had a gunstore in Buenos Aires. He used this address in the 1860’s.


Hi. I built a website dedicated to James H. Merrill and his Civil War era firearms -

Please reply if you still have this packet. Thanks, Eric in WI, USA.

Fede, just realized you’re the person on this website I want to contact. John Spangler at gave me your name as a person in Argentina who might have some information to share on Merrill firearms. I added my website in the prior message, and hope you might be a second contact to provide research at the Museo de Armas de la Nacion in Buenos Aires. Two Merrills I found in auctions a few months back had a “Buenos Aires” stamp on the right side stock near the buttplate.

I’ve read that James H. Merrill had 3,800 unsold Merrill carbines, as stated by researcher/author Terry White, author of “American Manufacturers of Combustible Ammunition”. One of his hints as to where Merrill sold them was to Tsar Alexander II. My attempts to make contacts at Russian military museums like Sestroretsk have resulted in zero email replies.

Then, I found the two Merrills with the “Buenos Aires” stamps but again nobody at the Museo or contacts thru LinkedIn related to the museum would reply. This week, someone who lives 10 minutes from the Museo responded to my message on, looking for anyone who could help with research at the Museo. He stated that when it opens up again he would try to find information on possible Merrills there on display or in storage, plus any contracts the Argentine government might have had with James H. Merrill.

Please reply when you can. John stated you had tremendous files… Thanks, Eric.

Hello Eric,

The Merrill carbine was used by Argentine army cavalry units and is listed in inventories from 1869 to 1875.

I have examined the only example found at the Riccheri museum and the serial number is 17462. Another serial number reported in a private collection is 18973.

Great website by the way, thanks for sharing.



Thanks for the reply Fede. Do you have any photos of ammunition, boxes, etc. that you could share for my site? Also, any documentation you might have referencing the Merrills as being used by the government? Sure would be nice to find any evidence of the numbers of Merrills purchased by the Argentine government, and maybe serial ranges. I have 17833 and 18794 with the Buenos Aires stamp on my site. The two you mentioned, 17462 and 18973, would indicate to me that Merrill sold them at LEAST 1,500 carbines of a total surplus of 3,800 carbines the U.S. government was unwilling to purchase from Merrill. Would have been lots of ammo as well that went to Buenos Aires.

Do you know if there is any Argentina source of newspapers like we have in the U.S. - Found so many great articles about Merrill. Do you know of anyone who is a Merrill owner and could send them my email and website information? Hope to read your reply soon. Thanks, Eric.