Argentine 7.62X51?


At the range this morning, on the ground was a large pile of fired brass (plus a few unfired FMJ rounds) headstamped “7.62X51 11FLB81” It seems FLB is for Fray Luis Beltran in Argentina, but what is the 11? Maybe November 1981? Anyway, something else for my odds & ends box.


Hello Dennis,

Your round was made by Fábrica Militar “Fray Luis Beltrán” of Argentina. The “11” is lot number and at least 14 different lots were indicated in headstamps during that year.

During the following year (1982) production was the highest ever and reached up to at least 29 lots (so headstamped).


Due to the events on the Islas Malvinas?


Alex, yes, that was the reason.

Production of .50 Browning cartridges also reached at least 19 lots while 9 mm Parabellum was quite standard with only 12 lots.