Argentine 7.62x63 cartridges


Not the best picture but at least gives an idea of most of the variations made in Argentina:


What’s the story on the fired case?


Jon, it is an unfinished case without groove headstamped F.M.“F.L.B.” - 7,62 - 70 -. Regards, Fede.

Here is a description of the rest:

Above, from left to right:
S ball
S Ball
Soft point, experimental
Soft point, found as a display dummy only
Soft point, found as a display dummy only
Soft point, experimental or reload
Inert, no load and no primer, might be for crate tests
Blank, found as a display dummy only

Below, from left to right:
Proof, 1st color code
Tracer, 2nd color code
Tracer, 3rd color code (current)
AP, 1st color code
AP, 1st color code
Tracer, 1st color code
AP, 2nd color code (current)
Unfinished case without groove




Is that a .30 Carbine on the left?
Also Argentine?



Dan, it is interesting that you ask this question. I was once told by a former chief of the production line of infantry ammunition at FLB that the .30 Carbine was once made at the factory. With this in mind, I once visited the factory and in a “junk box” full of experimental cartridges I found a specimen of this caliber headstamped WCC 43. At first glance it was nothing special, but the bullet had two indentations on opposite sides and just above the case mouth, which was an identification used to identify some of the proof loadings tested at the factory. Now this cartridge rest in our club’s reference collection as a possible Argentine loading.

Given that a drawing or a document indicating the manufacture of this caliber has never been revealed, I can’t confirm what I was told. On the other hand, as there are very rare examples of the .351 Winchester S.L. made by FM “SL” without a headstamp, it is also possible that they were confused with a .30 Carbine.





Thanks for sharing this with us. That is an excellent line-up you have there.
They would fit soooo nicely into my collection.