Argentine 7,9 mm Kurzpatrone Magazine Dummy


Very few were made in 1953 by Fábrica Militar “Domingo Matheu” to be used during the development of the Argentinian made StG-44 assault rifle prototypes. The term “magazine dummy” was in fact used by the designers and it’s not my own interpretation. One piece steel construction with 5.3 mm diameter hole in base.

There was also another dummy made from a standard cartridge with a hole in the case body.

Identical steel dummies also existed in 7.65 x 54 mm Mauser caliber for the Argentinian made Garand and Johnson prototypes.


Great round, Fede.
When I posted the first pic in this thread;
I was hoping that my unheadstamped steel dummy was the round you have. Obviously they are very different. I would still like to know the origin of mine. Oh well, such it the nature of cartridge collecting.
Please continue to post your Argentine military cartridges.


This is the Spanish version of the Fede Dummy cartridge .


Hola David,

That’s a dummy version of the 7,92 x 33 mm Regaña GR-68 subcaliber cartridge.


The chromed dummy in my attached post (hla headstamp) came out of Spain.


You’re absolutely right, a 7.92x33 Regaña. But I have this in my collection along with the 7.92 x33 Kurtz.



This is one of those unofficial dummies made by Lanza just to complete the series?


Fede, are you referring to my dummy or Davrib’s?




Fede, I believe so. It is also possible to be made in Palencia as you say, “to complete series”