Argentine 9 mm bullets by Charles Lamm

Here is more information on the bullet illustrated in a short article by Rudi Keim published in the last ECRA bulletin (568-8). It was designated “Sonderausführung” (“Special design”) by DAG, who tested a few samples in 1987 and made a drawing of the sloted model.

It was designed by Charles Robert Emile Lamm, a French engineer who had a firm named Kentex R&D (KRD) in Buenos Aires which produced Browning HP accesories, speed loaders and ammunition of special type in 9 mm Parabellum and .38 Special + P.

This prototype weighs 67.1 gr (4.34 g) and, although is not finished, has a different profile and measurements than the fired one shown on the right (from DAG tests):



The final model commercialized in 1992 had a more rounded profile:


Fede - you say "the final model, commercialized,…~. Who loaded the final models? Were they really sold commercially? If so, and in Argentina, do they ever show up? Can you post a picture of the final model cartridge’s headstamp?

Great info. I have had the round pictured below for many years. Given to me as a US experimental-from an unknown source-or at least not shared with me. Note the base on one bullet is slotted and the other is not.

The case has the normal early Blazer Headstamp “CCI N 9mm LUGER R”.

Appears that Mr Lamm had an admirer in the US.



John, this ammunition was sold commercially during a few years, first by KRD and later by BARCo (Buenos Aires Recargas Comerciales) in a slightly modified form. The loaded one illustrated above is a BARCo load headstamped FC 9MM LUGER, and also exists in cases headstamped 9X19 87, 9mm LUGER CBC, R-P 9MM LUGER and 9X19 FLB 2000. The only original 9 mm Parabellum KRD loads I’ve seen were loaded in cases headstamped WIN 9mm LUGER and packed in plastic blisters containing 20 rounds and including the label illustrated below. The .38 Spl + P were loaded in cases headstamped LAPUA 38 SPL and 38 SPL - CBC -. I forgot to mention that KRD also loaded .357 Magnum but I don’t know which cases were used.

Lew, great round and bullets! The sloted bullet is pretty rare and I wonder who loaded this CCI case. Do you remember when or where did you get them?


Fede, I dug out my notes on this and it says:

I put it with my US stuff because of the case. I don’t believe this was something loaded at FN. In 1987 they probably would have used their own cases. It was likely something sent to FN for testing. This specimen came from the FN Lab. The date is only rough, but it is interesting that it matches the DAG tests. I wonder if it is the same load that was used in the DAG tests.

Thanks for the interesting info and for identifying something I had no information on. It now has to go into the Argentine portion of the collection.


Fede: Is it possible to own pistols for self defense in Argentina? The packaging you show appears to market the rounds for this purpose.

Falcon, here the law is highly permissive and you can own almost everything with the right permit and a lot of patience. If you are a registered collector you can also own fully automatic portable weapons but you can’t shoot them. The most complicated permits are the ones for semiatomatic rifles with detachable magazine derived from military models. This specific ammuntion was prohibited because of its armour-piercing capability.

Patent drawings:


I just stumbled across another of Mr. Lamm’s patents, this one filed in 2003, and issued in 2005, which seems to describe what I can only imagine as the Hornady Critical Defense bullet? The description, drawings, and timeframe are plausible for that anyway: