Argentine Arcane

A group of Argentine made Arcane copies of which I have no factual information but were probably made by the police during the 1970’s. All made with lathe-turned copper bullets and new empty/new primed empty W-W cases. It also exist in .357 Magnum.


Similar Argentine BLAR bullets were made of lathe-turned brass: viewtopic.php?f=8&t=10147&hilit=blar

Thanks for posting these Fede. I wonder if the total grain weight of these loaded cartridges differs significantly from the original French cartridges? There is probably always going to be a bit of variation from within the French loads since the powder charges were tinkered with and might not be perfectly consistent, but I wonder if the projectiles are much different?

The total weights on my original French loads are:

38spl = 151.4gr

45acp = 215.5gr

9mm = 141.7gr

Hello Matt, it seems that at first glance these only differ from the French loads because they have a very rough finish. Total weight and lenght is (from left to right): 135.18 gr. (28.76 mm), 215.43 gr. (31.26 mm) and 148.61 gr (37.25 mm).