Argentine Cartridge boxes for .45 Auto ammunition

I am trying to research boxes for Argentine .45 Auto ammunition made by Fabricaciones Militares (FM). Based on some information received from there, but without any pictures available, I believer there may have been at least one lot of ammunition with nickled cases and packed in 15-round boxes. Other quantities came up in discussion. Myself, from FM, I have seen only 50-round boxes for .45 Auto caliber cartridges.

Firstly, can anyone confirm the use of 15, 20 and 25-round boxes? Secondly, can any supply pictures of various boxes meant for those quantities of cartridges per box?

Thank you for any help you can give.

In a personal communication, I was just told that there is no 20 or 25 round box for .45 Auto ammunition from Fabricaciones Militares in Argentina, only 50-round and the single instance of a commercial 15-round box for the nickel-case .45 ammo made as lot (month?) 2 of 1989.

Anyone have one of those 15-round boxes they could post a picture of? For a single-lot production item, the cartridges do not seem to be rare. I know of several, including mine, in U.S. collections.

Maybe is this box




SMH - Sin duda, es la propria cajita, Muchimos gracias por las fotografias buenas. Nunca he la vista esa cajita. Creo que estoy fortunato para tener el cartucha in mu collecion.

(SMH - without a doubt it is the proper box. Thank you very much for the good photographs. I had never seen this box. I believe I am lucky to have the cartridge in my collection.)

John, this was the first FLB box made for the civilian market since the factory discontinued production of this caliber in 1981.

First, in 1988 they made two lots headstamped 11,25 x 23 1 FLB 88 and 11,25 x 23 2 FLB 88, and one lot in 1989 headstamped 11,25 x 23 2 FLB 89, both using brass cases and packed in old style 50 rd. boxes without lot number/date. I have never seen a cartridge with a 11,25 x 23 1 FLB 89 headstamp, and may not necessarily exist.

Then, in 1990 they introduced a cartridge with a nickeled case and 11,25 x 23 2 FLB 89 headstamp and a new box design holding 15 rounds, as posted above by Sergio. Another headstamp found in this same box is 11,25 x 23 1 FLB 92.

Below you can see the whole new commercial ammunition as was advertised in 1990.