Argentine Fiocchi 9 mm Parabellum

Do you note something unusual on this box?

Top states “bala blindata” , Ital (?) reinforced bullet (?) & the side panel states
"palla blindata " ???

That’s all I see, beyond the mixing of languages in the product’s description.

Fede, I don’t remember the line of Spanish in yellow type just below the description of the load. What does it say?


Bala blindada is Spanish.

Bala Blindada = palla blindata = full metal jacket

“Guarentee”??? “Cartdridges”???

Scott, Lew, Marco & Jonny, thanks for showing interest on this box. As you can see, there is a lot of Spanish on it because this is an ARGENTINE Fiocchi box!

These cartridges were loaded at the Argentine Fiocchi S.A. shotshell factory located at Pueblo Esther, Santa Fe province. They used imported Italian bullets and cases and the powder and primers were bought locally. Production was first offered during late 1997 and lasted for an unknown period of time. This box is dated December 2001 (Lote 1201).

The yellow sentence says “keep away from children”.

Great box! Interesting cartridge…

Fede - I didn’t reply sooner as I didn’t want to spoil the game. I have had this box with one cartridge for a good number of years. I did not even bother to put the cartridge in my collection - I left it in the box - as it is indistinguishable from other GFL 9mm rounds of the same headstamp.

My lote number ends in L 9811. On my box, unlike this one as Jon noted, “guarantee” is spelled correctly. However, “Children” in improperly spelled as “Chldren” and while “cartridges” is spelled correctly, “reasonable” is spelled “rasonable.” As one would expect in Argentina, with its large population of people of Italian descent, the Italian portions of the label are all spelled correctly as far as I can tell.

If you ever find a duplicate empty box to yours, with the different misspellings, I would love a chance at it. It would be nice to show them together.

Thanks for posting this. I had a lot of fun comparing the two boxes, mine and yours, word for word.

John, thanks for the additional information, I didn’t know of the variation you describe. I’m not trying to defend the local English spelling but I was told by the Argentine Fiocchi representative that the boxes were printed in Italy. Also, the C.I.P. logo makes no sense in a product for the Argentine market.

Fede - It does not surprise me that the box is made and printed in Italy. The art work is identical to Italian-made Fiocchi commercial ammunition of the period. Also, frankly, I would expect more English words misspelled on it made there than from Argentina. I have seen that on other products. I even have a 20 round box of 9 mm Para ammunition made by Fiocchi in May 1944, after the Germans officially occupied Northern Italy and took control of the Fiocchi factory. While I suppose not spelled wrong, the usage of German language is not perfect on the label - “20 Pistolenmaschine Patronen Kal. 9mm.” The box is the normal long, flat box made for two 10-shot stripper clips of ammunition, headstamped “9•M38 F. 1944.”

I found a new variation of the Argentine Fiocchi box. It has the spelling mistakes mentioned above by John (“Chldren” and “rasonable” ) and also has a label on the side indicating a full metal jacket truncated cone 123 gr bullet.

Just for the Language “pickies” amongst us old Carmudgeons,

Palla Blindata ( Bala Blindada) actually literally means “Ball, Armoured” ( Ie, FMJ) ; and “tronco-conica” stands for “Truncated Conical” ( the old, Pre-WW I Parabellum design Bullet.).

Argentina, being a Nation of many immigrants (Spanish, Italian, English, and Germans, just to mention the Major groups) has a Lot of Language difference from Castilian Spanish…I found that out when I visited my 30-plus second, third and fourth Cousins in RA. back in 1999.

el Doc AV.

Great item Fede! Thanks for showing it.