Argentine Geco B.M.D. Shotshell


I thought some of you may like this B.M.D. brand shotshell made for Geco in Argentina.


Hi Fede,

Thank you very much for sharing this one!!
Can you give us an idea about the age of this one?

many thanks



Hi Fede,

Great picture.


Hi René and Lars, I don’t know the exact date but Geco had an agency in Buenos Aires since 1920, established a factory in 1924 and was liquidated in 1945. Also, this trademark was registered in Argentina on October 23, 1930, so I assume this would give an approx. date.




Hi Fede,

Very nice, as always thanks for sharing. Is there any relationship to this one? It looks like I may have only recorded the head stamp on this one as I have no side views, sorry. I also have Geco on RWS and RWS/Rottweil head stamp?



Mike, this one looks like a typical all-brass shotshell for Berdan primer made by Gustav Genschow & Co. A.G. in Germany. Is not related to Argentina.




Perhaps this little one was made by Geco Fede?
Topwad is white with a black “5”.


Pete, yes, it was made by Geco for “La Porteña” gunstore owned by Alfredo Gottling, successor to Juan Canedo. Regards, Fede.