Argentine guided bomb

This is an Argentine guided bomb test model developed by FMA during 1952-56. It was based on the German Henschel Hs-293-A and mounted in an Avro Lancaster bomber.

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How was it guided, radar, gyro, wire, ect.?


The German versions were radio controlled. A wire gidance was under development to prevent enemy jamming.
The Hs-293D had a TV nose kit for guidance.

Here some info on the German versions:

Here some versions and images: … 94_295.htm

Images from the web: … 35&bih=895

In case somebody is interested in the whole subject of German guided bombs during WWII should study this great book which is describing many different projects: … keten.html

Hello Jason, the Argentine model had two flares in the back and was visually guided by a wireless radio control. Some characteristics:

Total weight: 1000 Kg (disposable rocket included)
Explosive load: 300 Kg
Lenght: 3.60 m
Wingspan: 3 m
Diameter: 480 mm
Dropping altitude: 1400 m to 7000 m
Range: 3 km (1400 m drop) to 18 km (5000-7000 m drop)
Velocity: 850-900 Km/h
Rocket burning time: 12 s
Fuel: oxigen-methanol

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More pictures:

Note FM logo

Barely visible under Lancaster’s fuselage:

A British drawing of the German Hs 293 rocket assisted guided bomb

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