Argentine Lafitte grenade

This is the Argentine copy of the Lafitte grenade adopted in 1935 as “Granada de mano de guerra ofensiva a percusión Modelo D.G.A.G.” (Dirección General de Arsenales de Guerra).

The detonator (g) is sometimes found in collections as an “unknown center fire 8 x 39 mm rimless-grooveless cartridge”.

I would be interested to see that “cartridge” separately.

Jon, this is a drawing taken from an ECRA bulletin where J. Barlerin was aking for identification:

From manual:

Case is brass and primer is Berdan type made of copper (it looks like an elongated 8 mm Schüler gas pistol round).

Depending on the manufacturer it could have a flat or a beveled base.

Strange that by 1935 this definately outdated model of 1916 (or earlier) got adopted. By 1935 many other and better designs were available.

Sometimes these smaller countries buy the machines and rights to make weapons which are out of date but still good for their purposes. This had to be a fairly inexpensive grenade to manufacture.

Good point. Maybe they got a second hand production line from a country (many who made this type actually) that adopted some newer design.

You can see here some Laffite igniter cartridge: