Argentine Navy 61 mm Nordenfelt

A 1899 plate of rare 61 x 265 R Nordenfelt (8 pdr / 2.4") round used by the Argentine Navy:

Interesting round. Do you have any photos or drawings of the headstamp?


Very interesting series of plates! I have a few questions:

Is there any descriptive text to go with the plates? If so would it be possible to post/show the text? If possible would you provide a reference for the plates? And lastly do you have other plates that you could post here?

Again a very interesting series of plates and thank you for posting them!


It is interesting that the dimensions are in metres, so 0,268 must be 268mm case length! I have never seen ammunition dimensioned in this way before.


These show up from time to time in Europe mostly and they usually are just the projectile case without contents. I have never seen one with a South American hs.

Hello Brian, the source of these plates is “Artillery Memorandum” a very rare text printed in Buenos Aires, 1899. Some of the information was evidently copied from British texts and because of this there are several typographic mistakes. Case lenght of this case should be 265 mm and rim diameter 71 mm.

Many Argentine Navy cases can be found marked in its headstamp with a “AR” logo which indicates “Armada Argentina” (like those found in 20 mm Rheinmetall cartridges). Also, many Vickers-Armstrong contracts have specific headstamps for Argentina with caliber designation in millimetres.

This is the descriptive text plus companion plate (if you need help with its translation just let me know):


Thank you for your reply and the additional information and I apologize for taking so long to respond to your post. Even though I may never have the opportunity to own any of these Nordenfelt rounds they and the plates from “Artillery Memorandum” are still of great interest to me and I’m sure that hold true for others on the forum.

Thanks again!


Thanks for these, Fede, I’ve created a new folder on my computer for these drawings and data!

Would you have any objection if I included them in the ECRA Bulletin for other cartridge collectors/researchers to see?

Tony, off course you can use them. I’ll be glad to see these plates published in the ECRA Bulletin.