Argentine Oddballs

A series of handgun cartridges loaded by a local experimenter. From left to right (headstamp inside brackets): 1) .44 Magnum loaded with a hollow point jacket made from a .40 S&W case (44 REM MAG CBC); 2) .38 Special multiball loaded with buckshot (WINCHESTER 38 SPL); 3) .38 Special “hypervelocity” loaded with a 58.4 gr lathe-turned brass bullet (R - P 38 SPL+P); 4) 9 mm Parabellum with same description (9mm LUGER CBC); 5) bullet used in last two. None are intended for commercial sale.

From the little bit of the base of the bullet loaded in the 9 mm Para case, I would think you could push it out of the case with your thumb! What is the point of that? It would have to be fragile in the feeding process of an auto pistol. Looks like nothing much more than a Makarov bullet with a crimping groove, which was not used. Got to admit, I don’t think much of these “experimentals.”

Nice .44, fede.