Argentinian 7.62x51


I have a 7.62x51. It has got black primer anulus and black tip but it doesn’t attract by a magnet, so it isn’t an AP bullet. I think it is a spotter cartridge or a fake cartridge.

Any suggestions? Any argentinian collectors are there?


Any argentinian collectors are there?


SMR, there is ONE indeed :)

Hola Sergio, unless it was given to you by the friar Luis Beltrán himself I will consider this to be a non original paint job. A typical FLB ball loading from 1969 has a GM jacket and purple primer sealant. There is also a rare tracer with a GM jacket but the tip and primer sealant color is marine blue. Also, there was no “old code” spotter because it wasn’t made until the adoption of the 105 mm M. 1974 recoilless gun.

Un abrazo grande,


Ok Fede, I’ll get x-rays because I do not want to disassemble the cartridge. Is for caution. Sergio

Hi Sergio, I agree with Fede, dont waste your time with x-rays, I think it´s a fake. Bad paint job, Not the usual type of paint used by the FM FLB. Un abrazo también.