Argentinian 9 mm Parabellum blanks

Argentina never adopted a 9 mm Parabellum blank but it did produced some experimental models:

  1. Wood bulleted blank. Hollow base. Fiber wad inside. Fábrica Militar de Cartuchos “San Francisco”, San Francisco, Córdoba. 1956.

  1. Grenade blank for FMK 3 Mod. 1 submachine gun (same rifle grenades as FAL) and Hi-Power pistol (experimental “pistol grenade”). Made from .38 S&W Special draw stage. Green annulus and orange wax mouth seal. Fábrica Militar “Fray Luis Beltrán”, Fray Luis Beltrán, Santa Fe. c. 1972.

  1. Same as above. White primer annulus and mouth seal. No headstamp. Fábrica Militar “Fray Luis Beltrán”, Fray Luis Beltrán, Santa Fe. c. 1973.

  1. Same as above. White primer annulus and mouth seal. No headstamp. Different crimp. Fábrica Militar “Fray Luis Beltrán”, Fray Luis Beltrán, Santa Fe. c. 1973.

Great items Fede!!! I have never seen or heard of any of these. I recently told a friend that I reckon that we (the collector community) have documented only about 25% of the headstamps that have actually existed because some are experimentals, and some are bid samples and some are production lots that went to places where we never see ammo from, etc. You have just added a new 9mm headstamp above, the crimped blank using a 38 special case.

We probably have never documented more than 10% of the actual cartridges used. I recently picked up some test residue from a German program on short range ammo. There were over 200 different styles of this load tested. I have about 5 different ones and residue/fired bullets/bits and pieces/etc. from 20 or so more!!! I guess that is what keeps this hobby so intereting. Just tonight on the Forum I discovered a number of new 9mmPs.

Thanks for posting this.


Lew - you have seen one of these because I have the last type shown by Fede, and you have examined it.

Ouch! That’s going to leave some tire marks! ;-)

Leon - Never any tire marks between Lew and I. I just like to prove to him once in awhile that I’m paying attention, and still have a little bit of my memory bank operating. Not much though.

John and Lew, what you have both just showed is that even though we may only know of about 10% of all cartridges, it is still too much for anyone to either see or remember it all, even in their specialty area. I’m constantly getting excited about “new” Tokarev rounds I find, only to discover I’ve had that example for years.

John, Not only did I examine it, but took a photo of it!!! I just never got around to labeling the photo and entering it into my database before I forgot what it was! Thanks for the reminder. Today I was going through stuff not yet in the collection and struggling and cursing because I can’t remember what some of it is anymore. I probably made a note, but if the note isn’t on the side of the cartridge it gets misplaced before some of the stuff gets into the collection.

Now when I enter Fede’s blank, I can enter where two of them are, Fede’s and your’s.



PS: No tire marks!!!

Here is the whole set: pistol, grenade launcher, grenade and blank cartridge.

I believe this is the first time that particular pistol grenade launcher (!!??) has been seen on the internet (on an English website), and is the second coolest pistol I have ever seen, second only to the Woodin Lab’s grappling hook pistol. I never thought I would hear of a 9mm launching blank for an actual 9mm pistol launched grenade.

Thanks Fede, you made my day!

Matt, this unique set was recently put together for the first time with the help of various collectors who donated the different components. I’m glad to say that now is part of the Argentine association collection.

did they just put a different barrel in a HP and put the launcher on that.


That’s quite an interesting setup on that Browning GP. I don’t think I would want to fire it. It must kick like the blazes, judging from my own experience with rifle grenades fired from the Garand in the Army. Great photo Fede. Thanks for posting it.