Argentinian INRO Self-propelled bullets

This will be a big surprise to most self-propelled bullets collectors. This is the only known INRO 1973 board showing all the experimental and “normal” variations. It includes 11,25 mm for pistol, 7,65 mm for Mauser, 9 mm for single shot prototype, sub-machine gun and “proyector”, and 20 mm for automatic annon (concept only).
The story behind this ammunition is VERY extensive, so please don’t ask for all the details (please, wait 10 years for the Argentinian Ammunition Book!).

Some info:

  • INRO = Infantino-Rodr

Thanks for posting the picture.

Very interesting; thanks. Do you have any information on what these would have been fired in?

Thanks Fede.
One of my best friends was parto of the INRO proyect.
I have talk to him many times to write about it, may be some day…
Is this broad it from AACAM?