Argentinians 7.65x54 mm Mauser snap cap

These 7.65 x 54 mm Mauser snap cap dummy cartridges were assembled with Argentine cases.


1 F.A.M.M.A.P. // 1943//

2 //F.M.M.A.P.“B”// 1945

3 F.A.M.A.P. 1938

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What makes these a “snap cap” dummy, rather than simply a regular exercise (dummy, drill, instruction, etc.) cartridge? Is the circle on the headstamps some form of crimping or a cancellation ring (an overstamp to “cancel” the original headstamps."

I don’t know why any Mauser 91 or 98 -type rifle would need a snap cap. The firing pins are pretty robust, and I don’t recall ever seeing one crystalize and break from dry snapping.

Just curiousity about the stated designation. I don’t collect this caliber (although I shoot it) and am certainly not expert in the variations found in it.

Are the primers, perhaps, spring loaded?

These are indeed spring loaded dummies and were used by the Navy Infantry. I believe that they were intended for SAFN 49 rifles, which are known to have a tendency to break the firing pin.

They can be found made from Argentine cases dated between 1937 and 1945, and also from old American cases made by WRACo and Rem-UMC, both of exclusive use by the Navy. In fact, the cannelured projectile loaded in round no. 3 came from a disassembled Rem-UMC cartridge.

This type of dummy was also made in 7.62x51 caliber using Argentine FM cases from the early 60’s and German Manusaar cases from 1960, these last only used by the Navy infantry.



Thanks Fede. My question was asked to simply increase the information given here and as usual, you came thru like a Champion! I had a hunch they were spring-loaded primer cups from the look of them.

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