Arizona Fires

I hope all of our cartridge collecting friends in Arizona are safe from the recent fires in their areas. I know those in Phoenix and Tucson are most likely OK, but I especially worry about those who live in the Northern part of Arizona, such as Ray Maketa. Just how close are the fires to you, Ray.

I add my own worries to those expressed by Ron. I also mourn the loss of 19 fire-fighters who died trying to save the lives and property of others. Their deaths are a huge loss to their families, their communities, and the Nation as a whole.

I have heard forest fire fighters refer to those emergency shelters as their “Shake & Bake” bags. They have saved many lives over the years, but I have been told that if your in a REAL hurry to get into them and leave so much as 4-5 inches of the edge unsealed from the ground that it will let the 1500+ degree heat inside with dire results. I heard one commenter suggest that this fire came at these guys so fast that they most likely did not have the extra 10 seconds it takes to seal all the edges completely and that is why so many died.

All these guys that do this job have my greatest admiration. It takes more nerve than I have. It is a wonder more of them don’t perish each year.

Knowing well Arizona, a place I like, and sharing many friends over there, please send all our thoughts through this sad events, and our admiration to the gallant and courageous guys who did’t make it, for the sake of their fellow-citizens…

Let’shope that these damned fires will stop soon…


We are OK here, so far. There’s not a whole lot left to burn after our big fire 10 years ago, so it was sort of a mixed blessing.

Pete, Jim, and the other Prescott area guys are the ones that we need to keep in our thoughts.

Hug your local firefighter, today. He/she may not be there tomorrow. I’m not ashamed to admit that I hugged a lot of them 10 years ago.


Things are fine here in the Prescott area except for everybody is just in a state of "what happened? why?, we deal with wildfires all the time, the fire that happened about a month ago was very close to Pete’s house, with no lose of life or homes.
For about 24 hours I thought a very close buddy was one that perished but it turns out he is New Mexico fighting a fire, not safe, but alive.

Ron your thoughts are right on the shelters except the local people that study this stuff say that the area is very very rough and there has not been a fire burn there of any kind (controlled or wild) in over 40 years, so that means a lot of fuel for the fire which also means the fire was not a “flash over” the shelters can’t hold up or (the air inside) for more than a 2 minutes at the most. It is a sad time in Arizona.


I didn’t forget you. But, I figured you were safe 'cause Prescott Valley is all concrete and asphalt parking lots. Nothing to burn there. ;-) ;-)

We actually got some thunder and a little rain yesterday evening. About 3 inches of rain, in fact. In AZ that means there were two raindrops, 3 inches apart.


We are fine here in Prescott fire wise, though the loss of these 19 men has all of us reeling. We were in the market early in the morning and one of the Hotshot trucks was in the parking lot. About 5 or 6 of the young men were in the produce section loading up on fruit & cold drinks. It hard to believe they are all gone now. Such as loss. JH

All good here, thanks for the kind thoughts, We were packing as houses close to us were on a 4 hour evacuation notice. I spent a good bit of time putting goodies back with their mates & was quite happy glad to do it.
view from our roof from about 6 miles away

As Jim says the loss of those 19 was very terrible. We sure would like to have a chance to thank them for working so hard to save our home & the others which were much closer, but it’s just not to be.

We got a tiny bit of rain yesterday. With luck more today & so on.

Happy & safe 4th of July to you all.

The loss of life is tragic, could someone PM an address I could send a message of condolence from my family to those who lost family members. Its not going to help but maybe they will take some comfort. Having sons of my own that age my knees literally buckle at the thought of anything like this.


Try here:

If that doesn’t work we’ll see if we can find another.


Ray, a new website has been created because of this tragedy. Besides updates, there are links for those who want to comment or donate to the survivors. It is; The Vice President of The United States has announced he will attend the memorial service next Tuesday. JH

Thanks for the new link Jim. The one I gave was originally set up to receive condolences for the families, have photos of the firefighters, and brief bios. I think it was very quickly polluted by others trying to cash in on the tradgedy. It’s really sad how many people are trying to profit from this. Before the fire, nobody except us knew where Yarnell was, and if you google it now you’ll get 2 million hits. Anyone wanting to make a donation has to be very careful.


Vince the link that Jim provided is the main one to use otherwise 3201 N. Main st. Prescott Valley Arizona 86314. That is the address to the center where the memorial on Tuesday and a funeral on Wednesday will be held.
I work security at the center and the last word I got there were tens of thousands of cards and letters received and over $800,000 donated in cash for the family’s, this all collected from other fire fighters and fire fighting groups set up just for this cause like the 100 Group (it seems to be in good control right now). They are expecting 20 to 25 thousand people to show up to the memorial in a building that will seat 6 thousand. The word is we will seat several thousand people outside in the parking lot with really big TV screens all over the place so they can view the service. There will be fire fighters from all over the United States and probably other country’s as well.
And 2 days after all of this we will take out all the seats bring in a bunch of tables and have a Gun Show next weekend.

Thanks to everyone for the links