Armin E-mail?

Does anyone have a new and valid e-mail address for Armin Bickel? I have tried the one in the new IAA list, but it doesn’t seem to work, and I get no reply from the auction website.
Please PM me, don’t post it here.

I have in my address list this Armin address :

Thank you, Vit. I have that one also, but it does not seem to work.

PLEASE, everybody, do as Jon C requested about the email address. Send it to people in a PM. NEVER post an email address in the open in a Forum post. The Spam Bots scan forums looking for email address’s. If you must post an email address, disguise it by spelling out “at” and “dot” or better, by using other symbols to substitute for these.

Well, I have tried Armin’s and his wife’s e-mail addresses, and also the one on his auction site. I get no answer from the website and the two personal addresses get returned to me. If anyone is in contact with him please let me know. It is not a problem, I just have some auction questions for him.