Arms Heritage magazine - with IAA connection


I just received a seemingly random email (in my other email account that is not used here) and it was an invitation to subscribe to a new E-magazine called “Arms Heritage Magazine”. It’s a bi-monthly done by Dick Salzer that is self-explanatory as to its content. The email included a link to the first issue which was free, and on page 19, it actually had a regular-feature segment called “The cartridge hound”. This segment mentions the IAA by name and the website address, saying that most or all of the aspects of that feature will come from this website, or collectors here. I’m guessing that most of the cartridge articles in there will be about early stuff (pre-1920?) The link below opens a viewer that is like a page-turn version of adobe acrobat, but it is called “page turn pro”.


Thanks for the enlightenment Matt. I got the same email this morning and deleted it without a 2nd glance. Glad you made me look again.