Arms Heritage Magazine


New Magazine - There is a new magazine out there. It’s called Arms Heritage Magazine and there is at least one cartridge article in each issue. It’s strictly online and can be easily accessed by going to
Click on “Get a free sample issue” and see what its all about. The first issue is free. Subsequent issues rquire a $19 subscription. Any or all articles can be printed out. See issue #3 for a great Mel Carpenter article.


Hello Mr Salzer, and thanks for the info. This sort of thing might normally go in the buy/sell/trade folder, but since this post is an extension of, and more obvious explanation of the Q&A bore out of the “gun report magazine” thread, it should stay. I had posted about Arms Heritage back in February ( after I received an email invite and I did not know about the Gun Report connection. Glad to know that you are forging ahead with it.