Armscor .22TCM 9R


I was looking on the Armscor / Rock Island website, and they show the new 22TCM Glock conversion upper for the model 17 & 19. They seem to be referring to the cartridge intended for use with this as a different caliber “.22TCM 9R”, but it looks like nearly the same .22TCM case, but with a slightly longer neck, and a shorter, more rounded projectile to more exactly match the typical OAL of 9x19 FMJ ball ammo for better feeding. Hopefully it has a new headstamp! Velocities will be around 1800 - 2000 fps from the Glock platform. Tiny bullet though. It is due out in June.


Sounds like the same cartridge with a different bullet and some new marketing ploy.


They seem to suggest that it exists only to make the functioning better for the Glocks with the new uppers they are making for them, since the Rock Island gun is quite different being a 1911 style. Incidentally, what they seem to have come up with is very similar to the experimental “PK224S” from Paul Kightlinger from around 12 years ago.

Here is Martin Tuason explaining it at SHOT show 2015. He goes so far as to say “better than the 5.7”. Certain ballistics perhaps would be, but the magazines will be generally limited to fewer rds at 15 or 18.


Very much looking forward to this, as several of us are looking at converting our m11/9 SMGs to this for fun. The regular 22tcm wouldn’t fit but the shorter version will nicely.


I had a chance to run the 1911 conversion (original TCM JSPs) during some tests a few months back; interesting as a velocity platform and with the given speeds it does have the concommitant penetration on certain barriers.

I’m betting the ‘new’ version might be even better, using a fully jacketed projo of lighter weight?

However, being ‘better than the 5-7’ is nothing of note to me; the terminal effect of the 5.7x28mm on soft tissue is less than a service caliber sidearm JHP. Between the 2 I’d give the 5-7 the nod for versatility/capability since a longer/heavier bullet can be employed (handloads up to 55gr), and much wider range of factory cartridge offerings.


I received some of this ammo today after finding it listed on Armscor’s Advanced Tactical website. It is almost exactly the same as the original 22TCM, with the obvious exception being the headstamp and the shorter rounded-profile projectile. The projectile was the major change to make it more compatible with Glock type mechanics, which this is intended for with the Rock Island Glock upper conversion. The angles & spacing on the head area / extractor groove look a little different as well in the side-by-side close up that I took.

One interesting thing is that on the box there are stickers to cover up where it is originally printed “39 gr Full Metal Jacket” and the new sticker instead says: “Jacketed Hollow Point”. So for whatever reason they have printed their first run of boxes incorrectly (collector item?!), or else were planning to do FMJ, but then decided on JHP. I would think the reason would be either to appeal more to a self-defense roll as opposed to target shooting, or perhaps because they are cognizant of the fact that this ammo blasts through Kevlar vests, people, walls, cars, etc… and wanted to temper that a bit with a HP projectile (which is still the highest penetrating pistol-projectile on the civilian retail market).

Original 22TCM on left… newer 22TCM9r on right

Close-up of Extractor groove area:

Meanwhile, the Armscor brand .50AE box of ammo which I also ordered has arrived with Starline headstamps, despite their online help-desk chat operator’s assurance that the cases were “Armscor brand”…