Armscor 22TCM headstamp variation?

I received two boxes of 22 TCM with a recent order I placed for some other ammo. I am in the habit of adding a box of that caliber to orders occasionally as shooting ammo, and over the past 2 years it has remained the same headstamp as far as I have noticed. On these boxes however, the headstamp was weak looking, and seemed to have squished letters. All of the headstamps from both boxes looked this way, and differ from all of the previous 15 or so boxes I have ever looked through in the past. The image-scan below doesn’t quite do it justice, but it does show the headstamp on the left looking weak / small. The one on the right is the earlier version I have always seen. I need to check box lot numbers to be sure, but anecdotally at least it would seem this weak one on the left is much newer stock, and all of the previous older ones I have seen are like the one on the right: