Army announced winning design for the 6.8mm cartridge

The distinguishing property of the U.S. project is the announced use of a phantasically high gas pressure of more than 80000 psi (if the reports are correct) in a short barreled weapon for general issue.

On my bookshelf is a Russian 5 volume (more than 2500 pages) on military small arms cartridge development. I very much doubt that the Russians would need to take a NATO case as a starting point for any serious development.

I wouldn’t put it beyond them to use 7.62 NATO as a starting point. Keep in mind that several of their newer rifle designs are offered as chambered for the round, i.e. the different new Kalashnikov group marksman rifles. To me it’d make sense to use these platforms for trialling new case designs and pressure limits.


Jochem, apparently they did. Including other calibers like .338 LM etc.
Also not to forget that 9x19 is their official army pistol cartridge since 2006.

I just started a new thread on the 277 Sig Fury which is their design for the 6.8mm NGSW competition.

According to the open report,the future plan of China is enhancing the muzzle energy of the 5.8x42mm DBP series to about 2150J and behave like the old-fashioned .22-250 Rem but with a smaller case, using the same non-corrosive propellant as the 7.62 NATO loaded. And develop a new .30 caliber magnum-level cartridge of about 5000J muzzle energy and about 200gr of the projectile weight, like a rimless version of .300 Winchester Magnum to replace both 7.62NATO and 7.62x54R, while Russian guys’ 6.7x51mm has seem to be frozen. At least I can’t find any further report of the new 6.7 cartridges and any plans to replace the 7.62x54R which is even older than my grandfather :).