Army has the best inerts

When it comes to putting together inert rounds the US ARMY does an impeccable job. After finding out that the cast filler in someone else’s ‘dummy’ 81MM HE M374 shell readily melts and does so with an odor so bad that it can only be described as toxic, I decided to go through all my genuine US ARMY inerts… And wow, they do such a good job that even when yellow paint begins to show through the olive drab, you can still rest assured that the item is inert. Shown is the fin section of a 60MM INERT mortar shell with a genuine igniter cartridge that has been made inert. Also shown is a rifle grenade with its original yellow color-coding for HE showing through. In this case, the Army added an inert label. And last is someone else’s ‘dummy’ with a non-inert filler and the original paint removed and repainted grey. Grey would be the color for chemical rounds, but there are no color bands or markings that comply with Army specs. (Grey bodies stamped “Practice” may exist, but this ‘dummy’ is stamped “HE”.)

DSC_0011 DSC_0012%20(1)