ARMY & NAVY Store London

Scans from the ARMY & NAVY Stores Ltd, London, England. Large book with everything you would want if you travelled abroad alot. Used by Diplomats.

General Price List 1939 - 1940.

Sorry about the quality of the scans. I’ve developed memory loss (mostly short term) and keep falling over, I’m waiting to see the “Brain” doctors. Working out how to do scans and pictures for this topic took ages, I couldn’t remember how to use the computer. Never mind, If you can’t take a joke you shouldn’t have joined. ;)

Let’s make it in colour.

Nice shell Vlad. The projectile seems to me to be very similar to the one in the 10ga brass shell you posted earlier.
Would someone please tell me what “Pegamoid” means?

I am not sure of the meaning of Pegamoid, but I did have a wooden box of these some decades back. It was a wooden 100 round box with a great Eley shotshell box label. There was an overlabel pasted onto this which indicated it was for soft skin animals (ie. Tigers). Since it was a wooden box, it was most likely for the Indian market.


It means “waterproof varnish” New word for me too.

There is currently an Eley “Pegamoid” 12 gauge shell up for auction on Gunbroker: … =282168295
The copy on the side of the case reads, in part: “PEGAMOID” BRAND PAPER
The way I am reading it, “Pegamoid” is both a waterproof coating and a brand name of waterproofed paper.

Sorry to hear of your problems, I wish you well soon