Army Ordnance Museum at APG

Recent travels took me close enough for a visit to Aberdeen Proving Ground as I wanted to see the museum there again before it gets shut down. The good news is that there is a new and very nice indoor display section devoted to ammunition that was under construction the last time I was there.

The BIG ammunition outside is still without shelter…(80cm “Dora” shell)

The story is there will be some form of museum built at Aberdeen with some items moved to VA, but I’ll believe that when they actually have the money to build/move. Time could be running out for public viewing of some very rare and many unique artifacts that should impress anyone with an interest in history or things that go bang…


Great shots, when are they moving?

Given the serious cuts on DOD budget under the new administration, likely to get worse in the future, do not count on anything getting moved to a building not yet built until they absolutely have the dedicated funds appropriated specifically for that purpose, and that they are adequate for the task at hand.

Otherwise, all that will end up at Fort Lee will be whatever can be moved int he back of a HUMV and fit in a pup tent.

Very sad.

Especially to those of us who remember the OLDE Building where nearly everything was indoors, and Colonel Jarret’s office…


The official line is on the notices I posted pictures of (build 2010, move 2011), but as John said, don’t count on anything that costs money…They are going gang busters on the base expansion at APG under the Base Relocation and Closure program and I get the feeling that the museum is a very low priority. Millions would be required to do much of anything with the massive collection of HEAVY items that have already been left in the elements to rot for the last 40 years. I believe that private donations have funded the restorations that have been performed on some of the items, but paying for a move would be a different matter…


That just sucks! Very sad!