ARS Maxim belt


Happy new year to every one.
I remind an earlier post asking for identification of a 7.62x54R Russian round marked “ARS 39”. Was it finally identified ?
In the same area here is a Maxim belt in caliber 7.62x54R also marked “ARS 1940” that I need to identify.

We see that the cartridge pocket numbering in black ink occurs every 10 rounds with only the values of the tens being inked (on the picture, we see the 250th pocket being inked “25”). Such marking feature corresponds to the Russian practice, but from the “feeling” , this belt is not Russian made.
Which country would use 7.62x54R Maxim machine guns in 1940 with belt design very similar to Russian pattern ?
Thanks in advance for any clue.


arsenal Tallinn ? Estonia


I haven’t a clue who made this belt, but Finalnd might be another bet. Aren’t these two years you mention for the two belts the years of the “Wiinter War?” Regardless, Finaldn certainly used plenty of Russian weapons other than just the Mosin rifle. I forget the name of Finland in the Finnish language, but doesn’t it start with an “S”?


Thanks for those first answers.
Interesting clue about Tallin in Estonia. Does anyone has information about Estonian-made cartridges ?
Concerning the possibility of Finland, I don’t think so. I have several Finnish-made fabric Maxim belts and they are different. Furthermore all I have seen so far bear the "SA’ property mark and the AV3 arsenal acceptance stamp.

In the old IAA forum someone (I don’t remember who) posted a question about the “ARS 39” marked 7.62x54R cartridge. It would be usefull to see the pictures of the round and of the headstamp to see if this can give a clue as to the manufacturer.




Finland = Suomi


This question was discussed at Russian forum

round ARS 39 are marked with a font as well as the Finnish samples of those years \VPT
People from Estonia spoke that it was done in Tallinn from the Finnish parts of cartridges


Thanks for that bit, AV. Years ago, I had some of this ammunition and never did know who produced it (I wasn’t terribly serious about this at the time).


Thanks AV for the photo of that “ARS” headstamp.

I guess this Maxim belt is accordingly most probably Estonian : good news !