Arsenal ammo

a part of arsenal ammunition

Cool display! Is it yours?

it ammunition show during military show

2006 on Eurosatory?

WOW! That is a sweet bullet board! I love that APFSDS item on the bottom right.


Same board was displayed during MILIPOL 2007 in Paris.


That’s still a development item - not yet offered for sale.

Samourai, Nice board. Any chance of getting a closeup of the three pistol cartridges on the bottom left???

Is Arsenal the Bulgarian State Arsenal? They go that name in the US as Arsenal Inc, in Las Vagas. If not, where is this company located???

Again, thanks for sharing the board!

Lew, it is the Bulgarian “Arsenal”.

Here the pistol rounds:

Thanks so much for the additional information, Tony! I can’t zoom in close enough to see what MM it is. Is it 30, 27 or other? It has a neat design.


EOD, Thanks!

The middle of the three 9x19mm rounds on the lower left appears to be a soft point, or perhaps a steel core load. It is not one of the loads listed on their website. The bottom of the three also looks a bit strange in cross section. I blew them up as well as I could but no luck telling what they were.

I have seen that board in 2006, it is FMJ, SP and blank.

Jason, that is a 30x165 AO-18 (here certainly for the 2A42, 2A38 and 2A72 guns)

This is a pic of an earlier version of the board I took at DSEi in 2005, showing the 30x165 APFSDS sectioned:

Thanks so much EOD & TONY! It is a beautiful round. I love seeing it close-up and sectioned. Fantastic! Very grateful.


Lew - you have the cart before the horse. The factory at Kazanlak (also seen spelled “Kazanluk,” probably due to the transliteration from Cyrillic to the Latin Alphabet) was originally simply called “The Army Factory, Kazanlak, Bulgaria.” After WWII, it was renamed “The Friedrich Engels Factory.” About 1970, long before the extablishment of the American offices, “Arsenal USA,” the name was changed to simply “Arsenal.” Their first U.S. Agent (of the post-war period - I can’t speak for before that) was probably Sentinal Arms, of Detroit, Michigan, who imported the first commercial Bulgarian Makarov Pistols to enter the USA
around June 1993. They also advertised 7.62 x 39mm Ammunition, which I believe showed up on the market from them, and lead-core 9mm Makarov ammunition, which I do not believe they ever imported in quantity, as the only specimen I have ever been able to get of the lead-core ammo came from Europe. It is very rare in the U.S.

So, Arsenal USA was named from Arsenal, Kazanlak, Bulgaria, and not the opposite.

John, I understood the background of the company and that Arsenal here was a US branch of the Bulgarian Arsenal. As usual I was rushing and didn’t type it as clearly as I should.

Arsenal is a bulgarian factory who produce weapon and ammunition.
it is a good factory for to sold weapons in the world.
you have in USA a branch of Arsenal for to sold special weapons built for the american market series of SLR by exemple

cartridge of the left bottom

Great! Thanks Samourai. Interesting that the SP load on the left looks like a different bullet style than the sectioned specimen on the right.