Arsenal USA 7.62x39

Can anyone confirm if the 7.62x39 ammunition headstamped “ARSENAL USA” was actually imported into the States?

Does anyone at least have an example in his collection?

Any insight on who made it or who it may have been imported by???


The only thing an internet search turned up is a forum conversation about doing a group purchase from April, 2004. The thread author mentions Lugansk:

Lew, it was made by LCW in Ukraine for Arsenal USA I, LLC (Global Trades Co.) in Houston, Texas, and was supposed to be imported early in 2004. This American company manufactured AK rifles under the “Arsenal USA” brand during just a few years with the help of an ex-designer from the Arsenal factory in Bulgaria. In September 2004, they changed their name to Armory USA.

The cartridges have a lacquered steel case and are headstamped 7,62x39 ARSENAL USA.