Artillerie Depot - ammunition making

I search information about german Artillerie Depots making ammunition in:
Poznań (Posen)
Wrocław (Breslau)
Gdańsk (Danzig)
Szczecin (Stettin)
Kostrzyn nad Odrą (Küstrin/Cüstrin),

11.15 x 60R Mauser
7,92x57 M88/M98

Like this:
11.15 x 60R Mauser


Some Artilleriedepots were intended to manufacture rifle cartridges in case of mobilization.

Posen, Breslau, Königsberg, Danzig, Stettin, Hannover, Erfurt, Cöln (Köln), Coblenz (Koblenz), Mainz, Metz and Straßburg had a large set of equipment. During peacetime they manufactured 2 million cartridges every 2-3 years, to keep them trained in doing this. (Metz and Strassburg located in Alsace)

Cüstrin (Küstrin), Wesel and Ulm had a small equipment set and produced 250 000 cartridges each year.

That is what the regulation (DVE 260 of 1901) said about Patrone 88. I do not know to what degree this was actually done.

Edit: I forgot Berlin in the first list which had a triple equipment set compared to the others.

Cases were supplied by the Cartridge Factory at Spandau, and also by Civilian Commercial contractors. Some Artillerie Depots also undertook reloading to a limited degree ( Mostly 11mm M71 and 71/84 cartridges, although reloading for Training was usually a unit-based task ( used as “Company Punishment”: due to the well known “dirtiness” of BP reloading).)

Packet reload labels of ADs have appeared here ( 1890s, 1mm M71/84 loads).

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With attachment first is reconstruction box for ammo Dreyse made by Arsenal in Poznań (Posen), second is reconstruction label ammo M71 made by AD Posen in 1910.
I used for this reconstruction picture found in internet, that is not only fancy in head ;)
(German gothic is horrible to read maybe some letters is wrong)

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In “20 scharfe Patronen…” there is a superfluous h: you write "schharfe"
The “ch” is correctly set as a ligature, so you need not follow it by an additional h.

The long s at the beginning of “scharfe” and in “Posen” seems to be correct, but I am really not competent in its use. When I was in school, it had been long out of use already.

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The one tricky point about the “long s” is that it is used in initial and medial positions but never as a final letter; the final s will be the conventional “s”. Jack

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Maybe is not exactly Artillery Depot but only old german Arsenal in my city Krotoszyn (Krotoschin) on street where I live :)

link to gallery:

On some of the labels there is an additional “r” in what should be "Angefertigt"
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Arsenał Artyleryjski w Poznaniu / Posen Arsenal Artillery/Artillery Depot(?)

link to gallery

Arsenał Artyleryjski w Szczecinie / Artllery Depot Stettin

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Etiquette from box of ammunition M71 made by AD in Nysa/Neisse !!! (was not taken under attention to this times)

List of Artillerie Depots from 1868

source:Armee-Verordnungsblatt, Tom 2; Kriegsministerium, 1868

The document type to look for is titled “Rangliste”. A Rangliste basically lists all officers of the Prussian army and is arranged by the units they are assigned to. So you have a list of all institutions of the Prussian army, from the War Ministry down to regiment level. Special instututions like rifle factories or artillery depots are also listed, as long as officers serve there.
Ranglisten were issued every year until 1914.