Artillery Projectile painting


There was a thread not long ago about stenciling the information on artillery projectiles. It contained a link to Bill’s old site and photographs. I need that link. I have used our “search” function to no avail. Anybody remember that thread and where I might find it?





Not sure if this is what you are remembering but it has some great info…




Many thanks Dave. I never thought to search under “restoration”. I don’t see a link to Bill’s old site but maybe I just dreamed that part. I have most of his photos already stored on my PC but I was looking for the ones shown here. So thanks again.

Can we appoint you as the official Search Functioner?



My pleasure, Ray. Never had too much trouble with the search function (despite its limitations). Maybe it’s the Cherokee from Mom’s side… As far as official titles, never found them good for much other than getting me “officially” in trouble for something or other…

Always glad to help folks find things as this Forum is a great resource for information and it will only get bigger with many items further distant in our memories!