Artillery Shell Cap?


Here’s something for you “big boys”. I’ve been asked to identify the attached. Being a .450 CF collector, all I can tell you is that it won’t chamber in my Beaumont-Adams conversion (the cylinder jams!). I suspect it is the nose cap of a shell but what caliber and vintage?

There are no markings that I can see on it except for the black painted ring. Overall length is 3.64 ins (92.6mm) and the diameter at the widest point is 1.92 ins (48.8mm). Top part is aluminum and the bottom is brass.


This is the upper part of a Russian T-6 time and impact fuze.


This is more likely a T-7.
T-6 has a red band on the windcap.



Thanks Guys - Caliber and vintage???


This fuze is for 122mm and 152mm illuminating and propaganda shells. It is still in service but currently being replaced by the T-90 mechanical time fuze.



Thanks Vince - the IAA member (too embarrased to ask for himself) will be pleased to know.