Artillery shell primer?

There are 3 photo’s, 2 of the head stamp and 1 full length of the primer posted here. I am only assuming this is for an artillery shell 105 or similar. I was in a box of single cartridges amongst a larger crate of boxes of brass and ‘stuff’.
The OAL is 3.043"
Rim dia. = .615"
Base diameter=.550"
Rim thickness= .075"
I was hoping one of you might be able to ID the round it fit.


Not 105 M14 shell, which is much longer.
Could be Mortar Bomb propellant cartridge.
From Dimensions looks like 28 gauge for “2 Inch Infantry Ordnance”
( 2 Inch Mortar used in Australia W W II.)

Nice find.
I have a complete 2" unit, with Bombs (New, Empty, Inert) and have wanted to know what the propelling cartridge looks like for Movie work.

Doc AV
AV Ballistics Film Ordnance Services


This is an U.S. Navy percussion primer designated “Primer, Pecussion, Mark 22”. It holds a 65 grs powder charge and is only used mounted in 40 x 311 R Bofors L/60 cases (“Gun, Automatic, 40-mm, M1”).


Here is a picture of a primer still in the case.


Phil, your case shows a slightly different primer modification designated “Primer, Percussion, Mark 22 Mod. 1”.


Well, thank you all! I knew that there would be someone here who would solve the mystery. It was in a box with about 12 45-70 cartridges of various types and head stamps. If I couldn’t get the answer here I was going to take it to the Watervliet Arsenal folks. They have helped on other questions. It a 30 min ride and they are only open Thursday thru Sunday.
Thanks again!


This “push fit” primer was used in the 40mm Mk 2 brass and Mk 3 steel cases.
The 40mm Mk 1 case used the Mk 21 primer wich was screwd in.