Artillery Shell with Trench Art. Need help for ID Pls

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Today I purchased my very first artillery shell with trench art on it. Seller said it was from World War 1. Can anyone help with the ID here?

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Is there anyway to clean up the inside of the shell?

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Your case was for the German 77mm FK 96 n.A. Field gun. See link for mofe info on the gun:

The stamping are not very clear in the photos, but from what I can see, It was made by Fritz Neumeyer in August 1918. As far as I know, “St” indicates a strengthened case and “134” is a lot number.

Just be aware that most of this so-called “Trench at” wasn’t actually made in a Trench. Much of it was made after the war. I have even been told that it may still be being made today in areas where WW1 battles were fought.

As for cleaning up the inside of the shell, this could be difficult. I have never found a satisfactory way to do this. Cleaning it chemically may work but I cannot guarantee this.

Fill in some baking soda (a large cup) and top it up with water (first with little water so all the gas can escape). Then let it sit there for at least 24 hours.
Then dump the liquid and flush with water while brushing with a hard brush (try a brass brush if you can find one). This process may have to be repeated 2-3 times depending on how the result is.

Thank you for your information and advices!