Artillery shells information please

Gday, I used to use this forum a lot but slowly have drifted away, however I just came across two artillery shells for sale that I didn’t want to pass up, one is a 75mm howitzer and the other I believe is a 6 pounder, I have a built a decent knowledge on most smaller pistol and rifle rounds but artillery shells are still new to me and I don’t have much of an idea what I am looking at.

I do not yet have access to these shells, they’re currently in transit so cannot supply any dimensions, I would appreciate any information on the stamps/and knowlege of facts about these shells

Cheers - Hamish image image image image

We would need larger images in order to say more.

Yeha just realised, they were good quality but came though horrible, I’ll try to upload again if not I’ll wait until they arrive

Better photos -

The first one is for a US 75mm M1 Pack Howitzer. It was made by Bridgeport Brass Company, Connecticut USA in 1943.

The second is for a British 6 Pounder 7CWT anti-tank gun. This one was made by Edward Curran and Co., Aberdare, Wales in 1941.

Both of these appear to be the correct uncut length. Cutting brass artillery cases down for use as flower vases, fire poker stands etc. was a common practise after the first and second world wars.


Falcon, most 6 pr 7 cwt cases I’ve seen made by Edward Curran & Co are indeed made at the Aberdare factory, but these are usually stamped ECA? The ECC headstamp is attributed to their Cardiff factory that made cases for 40mm Bofors, 3.7" AA etc. . I’ve not seen a 6 pr stamped ECC before?

You are correct, it is a while since I have looked at any of these heastamps.

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Ron tells me he has an ECC stamped 6 pr 7 cwt case here in Australia, so there you go!