Artillery Terms


Ok, I do know my small stuff pretty well, but today a shooting buddy asked me a question I couldn’t answer: In, for example, 16" 50 caliber or 5" 38 caliber, what does the “caliber” number mean? Is it somehow the case length?
I’m sure I could hunt the net, but I figured I come here for a reason.
Thanks in advance.



This describes the length of the gun barrel in relation to bore diameter i.e. 16" 50 caliber, the barrel length is 50 x 16" = 800 inches.



Or as said elsewhwere it is the “caliber length”. Brian would that be used in English as well?

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In Europe at least, the length of the gun (for example 70 calibers) is often noted this way: L/70

Be aware that there may be differences beyond barrel length. For example, Bofors 40 mm L/60 and L/70 are totally different guns firing very different ammunition.